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  1. Central shopping and commercial areas are known as the 'town centres'.
  2. The First Fleet of 11 ships carried 11,500 people.
  3. The city centre is laid out on two perpendicular axes.
  4. Captain James Cook claimed the east coast for Britain in 1770.
  5. Europeans disrupted traditional lifestyles and practices of Aboriginal people.
  6. The precise alignment of ANZAC parade is between Mt. Ainslie and Kurrajong Hill.
  7. In 1977 the "Y Plan" was adopted.
  8. American Aboriginal people invented the aerodynamic boomerang.
  9. The area is known as the Parliamentary Triangle.
  10. ANZAC Parade is a main road
  11. Street names typically follow a particular theme
  12. In 2007 the Labor Party was elected not to make any reforms.
  13. The heaviest crab was found in Bass Strait near Tasmania.
  14. The streets of Page are named after biologists and naturalists.
  15. Life for prisoners was harsh.
  16. The Aboriginal people were displaced by the new European settlement.
  17. Aboriginal people were scattered in 300 clans.
  18. Each hill would be covered with a single, primary color.
  19. The Eureka stockade was in 1954.
  20. There were some conflicts after the war?
  21. Most suburbs have their own local shops
  22. Yuggera people lived close to modern-day Brisbane.
  23. The central shopping and commercial area is known as the 'town centre'.
  24. A town centre is the focus of commercial and social activities
  25. A central shopping and commercial area is known as the 'town centre'
  26. Belconnen and Gungahlin are located at the ends of the arms of the Y
  27. The crown lease terms have tightly limited the use of parcels of land
  28. Penal transportation ended in 1568.
  29. Spirit ancestors connect past, present and future through every aspect of Aboriginal culture.
  30. Most suburbs are located close to a larger shopping centre.
  31. At the time of European discovery and settlement Aboriginal people lived across the continent as hunters and gatherers.
  32. The Great Depression was in 1829.
  33. Men were brutally flogged.
  34. ANZAC Parade is used for ceremonial occasions
  35. Captain James Cook claimed the east coast for Britain and the new outpost was put to use as a penal colony.
  36. Women lived under constant threat of sexual exploitation.
  37. The layout of freeways resembled the shape of the letter F.
  38. The districts were settled in the 20th century.
  39. Settlers or ‘squatters’ moved deeper into Aboriginal territories in search of pasture and water for their stock.
  40. In 1725, soldiers and convicts settled in the territory of the Yuggera people.
  41. The heaviest crab is 114 kilograms.
  42. There are three light industrial areas: the suburbs of Fyshwick, Mitchell and Hume.
  43. The Aboriginal people suffered a lot.
  44. Free settlers began to flow in from the early 1490s.
  45. Perth was settled by English in 1829.
  46. Perth was settled by English gentlemen in 1729.

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